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Android Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all Android apps published under developer name Steely Systems, which is a Google Play Store brand name used by software developer Kevin Steely of Highland Heights, Kentucky ("the Developer"). Apps covered by this privacy policy (represented as "the App" below) include but are not limited to EP McGuffey Primer and Korean Vocabulary.


The Developer values users’ privacy and has no interest whatever in exploiting personal information.

The Developer makes no effort to collect personal information. Any personal information collected incidentally—in log files, analytics data, etc.—will be used, if at all, only to improve the App’s functionality and/or to provide a better user experience. Personal information will never be sold.


The App may display advertisements. Some advertisements may be delivered by third-party ad networks. Any advertisements displayed are displayed in good faith, but the Developer bears no responsibility for the privacy policies and operating practices of any advertisers.

Log Files, Analytics

The App and/or web-based services used by the App may generate log files, and the Developer may employ analytics tools to monitor app usage. Any information so collected and employed is impersonal and anonymous. Only in law-enforcement scenarios might any information so collected be used with the intent of identifying users personally.


The App may employ cookies. Cookies are text files that enable the effective delivery, function, and management of web-based apps.


While the Developer values and safeguards users’ privacy, please be aware that hackers, spammers, and other malicious actors exist. The Developer explicitly disclaims any liability for the misdeeds of others. By using the App, users agree to exercise due caution, understanding that use of the App is at the user’s own risk.


For more information about this privacy policy, please contact the Developer at dev {at}